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Woolenwick Junior School

Community Safety

The safety of our children is a key priority for us all.

As part of our Healthy Living Programme and Travel Plan we encourage all children and staff to think about how they travel to school.

We encourage sustainable and healthy modes of travel. This will include walking, car sharing and the use of public transport.

In order to highlight road safety issues, when travelling to and from school, and support us in educating children about traffic hazards and dangers please can you talk to your child about general road safety and highlight the following points:

  • Stop, look, listen;
  • Think – is it safe to cross?
  • Wait, look, listen again;
  • Cross only when it is safe to do so;
  • If you are travelling to school on a bike or scooter please always wear a helmet;
  • When crossing the road, dismount the bike and walk the bike across the road;
  • Please use the underpass, although it may add one more minute onto your journey time, when crossing the road it is the safest option;
  • It is advisable not to have headphones in your ears when crossing.  (This way you can hear any traffic approaching.)

You may find it useful to visit the Safety4kids website, which is a non-profit organisation designed to help children make good decisions about their personal safety and travel.  Roadwise is also another good site. The web details are: 4 Kids is a non-profit organisation designed to help kids make better decisions about their personal safety.



As a school we are in contact with Hertfordshire Police and the Safer Neighbourhood Team in order to see what more can be done to improve safety around the school.  Working together we will be looking at raising the concerns regarding road safety outside Woolenwick Junior School and what further precautions can be taken to ensure the safety and well-being of our children.

We have a focus on developing further children’s knowledge about personal safety and will be using resources from the following website to re-iterate this.

The school participates in the national ‘Walk to School Week’. 

We are looking forward to arranging scooter and bike training for KS2 pupils – watch this space for photographs.

Parents and carers – please can you be considerate of others when bringing your child to school by car and park where you will not be causing a problem to pedestrians, residents or other drivers.

We are receiving increasing numbers of complaints which include cars driving up and parking on the pavements and blocking driveways.

Please remember you are not allowed to park on the zig-zag lines outside the school entrance.