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Woolenwick Junior School

Pupil Parliament

Welcome to the heart of student leadership at Woolenwick Junior School! We're excited to introduce you to our vibrant Pupil Parliament, a dynamic group of young changemakers who are dedicated to upholding and celebrating British values.


At Woolenwick, we believe in nurturing responsible and engaged citizens who embody the core values that make our school so special. Our Pupil Parliament is a shining example of this commitment. Through collaboration, empathy, and a passion for positive change, our students come together to drive initiatives reflecting British values' rich tapestry.


From democracy and individual liberty to mutual respect and tolerance for different beliefs, our Pupil Parliament champions these values every day. Through diverse projects, open discussions, and community engagement, our students learn the importance of working together.


On this webpage, you'll discover the incredible work our Pupil Parliament is doing to promote British values within our school community. You'll see first-hand how these young leaders are taking their passion and transforming it into action - impacting our school and beyond.


We invite you to explore our journey, get inspired by our projects, and consider joining us on this empowering path of growth, understanding, and service. Together, we're shaping the future by embracing the values that define our wonderful school. Thank you for being a part of our story!


Our first meeting of the new academic year!
We had a great time getting to know each other and our hopes for the coming school year. Miss Carroll and Mr Gray were able to announce some events that we have booked in for the pupils. First up this year we have a ‘Lesson with a Lord’ on Friday 20th October where the Pupil Parliament group will have the opportunity to get to know a bit more about the workings of parliament and hopefully have the opportunity to ask some questions.  

We look forward to sharing more over our next few meetings